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Myths and Facts About Caffeine, Part 2

Caffeine quite literally keeps Americans up and moving, with approximately 85 percent of Americans consuming a daily coffee, tea, soda, or energy drink. However, a lot of confusion still surrounds the caffeine conversation. This year, as March rolls “in like a lion,” many of us will harness the power of caffeine to help us power through our annual spring cleaning…

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The Long and Short Stuff on Energy Shots Versus Energy Drinks

With the plethora of traditional ways (and alternative ways) in which caffeine is consumed, it would seem that almost every type of food and drink product one can imagine (from beverages to ready-to-eat products to dietary supplements to medications and even mouth fresheners) can contain caffeine. As new caffeinated products emerge, caffeine has been promoted as an energy-boosting solution for…

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The Decaffeination of Coffee

Whether it’s cars lined up at the local coffee shop or the coffee maker dispensing morning joe in the kitchen, it seems like everyone wants a jolt. But what if you’re sensitive to the stimulating effects of caffeine? Can you still enjoy the hot, roasted goodness of coffee? The answer is: yes! Decaf coffee, processed to eliminate the caffeine, has…

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